We aim to bring the fundamental values of beauty into the daily world of self-care, empowering you to make bold decisions with confidence and self-love. By introducing a natural brand focused on you, we give the world of beauty a reminder of what should be nurtured and cherished and what the greatest values of mother nature bring us.



Our mission is to encourage you to explore our green formula not only to understand its benefits for both personal use and the world we live in, but also to feel its impact and actively participate in creating change through what the passion of ours and yours is – beauty.

how we give back

our charities

Giving back means caring, nurturing most tender feelings of love and being cared for, making sure your values are not forgotten, but rather enhanced. Our way of evoking such feelings is by giving back to nature and people. 

We contribute to global reforestation by planting a tree for every product sold, as caring for mother nature and her enchanting beauty is just as empowering to us. In addition, we donate a portion of monthly profits to charity organizations of our choice. 


A global shift towards 'cosmetics with a cause'

We want to ensure you are contributing to so much more than a beauty business when purchasing from Calypso Aesthetics, investing in raw beauty of both you and mother nature. 



join us

You can be a part of our vision and give back, as well – not only by supporting our sustainable products, but also by sustaining a mission beyond the beauty and fashion industry. A mission that holds a much greater value.

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