Know the difference between natural, clean, and vegan beauty

When it comes to choosing makeup, cosmetic and beauty products, knowing what labels are used to describe the accurate, real list of ingredients and value behind the company’s mission is of essential importance. Even though most brands do invest in providing as much organic value as they can once labeled “natural”, sometimes the term, alongside many others, is rather used for advertising and marketing purposes. Here is the simple “language formula” our Calypso Aesthetics team has come up with in order to help you understand the terminology brands are widely embracing, with a few things to look out for.

The most commonly used word that brands use to describe what they present as sustainable beauty is “natural”. Due to the popularity and effectiveness of natural products and overall the lifestyle people embrace with that, this choice makes sense for a lot of beauty brands. However, whether you are interested in buying or creating natural skin-care products, keep an eye on the way the word is used to boost the brand’s popularity, and the real value that goes into investing in the ingredients themselves. Anything labeled as “natural” is always free of any toxins, which means that such product should contain only minerals, plants, and botanical extracts.

For a brand to accurately use the term “clean”, its products must be not only natural, but also sustainable to the environment, rather than just being health oriented. Clean products contain zero toxins, and are the best option for whoever is driven by nurturing the health of self, others, and the beautiful environment we live in.

Vegan beauty is something we, in Calypso Aesthetics, like to think of as an extension to all mentioned for natural and clean beauty. Alongside having health benefits and guaranteeing the needed sustainability, vegan products are completely oriented around the cruelty-free lifestyle. In order to choose the right vegan beauty brand whose main goal isn’t just the marketing exposure, make sure to check if the brand is certified properly. You can always pay attention to the list of ingredients, and the overall mission of the brand you are choosing. 

Sometimes, we like to think that self-care always comes first, so we implement that in our own search for the best natural, clean, or vegan aesthetics. While doing that, all of us should keep in mind that our health and the way we achieve our fullest beauty potential also comes from the way the world around us experiences it, how the nature and our environment are affected by it. So, whether you opt for natural, clean, or vegan beauty, know that our inner selves are reflected through our connection with the natural wonders that surround us.



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