Reasons why you should invest in sustainable swimwear

One of the biggest challenges for fashion industries over the past few decades has been shifting further away from animal cruelty and plastics, while creating, rethinking, and investing in ideas to elevate the world of fashion in an ethical way. Many still struggle to lead the fashion industry towards sustainability and design the new materials in a way that is respectful towards our planet.

If living a greener lifestyle and creating a more sustainable world is what holds a great significance to you, but at the same time seems daunting as if one’s decisions alone can’t protect the nature – don’t lose hope yet, because your decisions do matter. Being mindful of eco-friendliness and caring for nature is what brings a ray of hope, enables new sustainable brands to flourish – to spread our common love and care for mother nature, while we grow strong together.

Swimwear is no exception when it comes to clothing waste and sustainability problems due to most of them being made of plastic, which is not biodegradable. Fast production and cheap materials result in high carbon emissions, which isn’t good for the planet. Most of swimwear brands rely on nylon and polyester due to their ability to wick moisture, elasticity, and quick production, but less than 10% of swimwear ends up recycled.

Luckily, there has recently been a breach of brands that focus on sustainable swimwear, caring about conservation, reusability, and nurturing our mother nature. Their mission is, much like ours at Calypso Aesthetics, to create timeless pieces that not only reduce and reverse plastic waste, but are also designed with quality to last and beauty to never go out of style. Let’s not forget that each eco-friendly item purchased can always be recycled if you decide to try out some new sustainable swimwear designs, and therefore is beneficial to everyone.

Even though many eco-friendly brands create sustainable swimwear from recycled materials, they are designed to last much longer, as the goal is to reduce waste and avoid unnecessary consumption, not getting lost in endless fashion cycles. It’s something we in Calypso Aesthetics passionately invest in, as we know durability is what prevents nature and the world from facing many dangers. Sustainable swimwear brands devote their time and invest a lot of effort to make their pieces not only eco-friendly, but also long-lasting, resistant and high-quality, which makes choosing an eco-friendly option for your new swimwear a much better choice in a long run.

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