Calypso [kuh-lip-soh], noun.
Stemming from Greek origin, Calypso is a ‘goddess of strange power and grace’. She represents the Calypso Aesthetic woman and her beauty- powerful, intelligent and insightful.

Aesthetic [es-thet-ik], noun.
Also from Greek origin, ‘Aishthetikos’ depicts sensitivity and sentience. In this context, Aesthetic envelops a philosophy that appreciates the nature of beauty, and it’s many different forms.

Driven by a desire to create change through beauty, founder Dana was bitterly disappointed at the lack of recognition for social and environmental impact in the beauty space. Having struggled to find products that worked for her skin, she opted for natural alternatives and began creating her own skincare and beauty products… Suddenly, Calypso Aesthetics was born.

Dana’s intention for Calypso Aesthetics is to empower women to engage consciously towards beauty, encouraging consumers to have a deeper understanding of how their purchases not only affect the body, but the world we live in. Created from naturally derived and certified organic ingredients, Calypso Aesthetics products do not contain mineral oils, parabens, lanolin or microplastics, and are never tested on animals.

Calypso contributes to global reforestation by planting a tree for every product sold. All aspects of packaging have been considered- proudly 100% recyclable, sent to you in compostable mailer bags and accompanied with a beautiful thank you card in seeded paper!

Through her natural inclination to give back, Dana’s approach to business has always been ‘if it won’t benefit others, then why do it?’. When purchasing from Calyspo Aesthetics, you are contributing to so much more than a beauty business, you are investing in a global shift towards ‘cosmetics with a cause’.