How can products used on your skin affect your overall health?

Beautifying your skin and using cosmetic products really does matter when it comes to your body’s overall health – and it isn’t just something that advertisers are trying to convince you of so you would buy more of a certain brand’s secret formula. Whatever you apply to your skin can, indeed, have unpredictable consequences for the rest of the body. It isn’t, however, as scary and concerning as it sounds at first. Though your body and your skin often have this complicated relationship of frenemies, your mind and your responsible decision-making is what makes them work together, rather than against each other. You just need to keep a couple of things in mind from time to time, and we are here to guide you through them.

Although there are plenty of chemical-based beauty products that offer some nutritional value and temporary skin rejuvenation, they contain much more dangerous chemicals, unnecessary fillers, and many skin irritants. The beauty industry is rarely raw, despite countless advertising of natural beauty and loving your true self. It doesn’t come as a shock to know that there really are no regulations nor restrictions when it comes to dangerous ingredients put in products that you use – sometimes perhaps vainly trusting your favorite beauty brands – to nurture your skin with wrong formulas.

Some chemicals are likely to be absorbed by your bloodstream or lymphatic system once they pass through the layers of your skin, which makes your skin not quite bulletproof when it comes to exposure to dangerous chemicals. Real raw beauty is, quite frankly, much more fragile than you would think. Substandard quality of beauty products and harmful compositions can result in allergies, irritations, texture alterations or even permanent damage of your skin and hair. There is no need to panic, as with the right understanding, perspective, and awareness, you can do so much to prevent any of that from happening to you.

Even throughout your daily routine – your body wash and hair shampooing as you’re taking a hot shower, or your face cleansing, moisturizing and putting your makeup on as you’re getting ready for work – your delicate skin becomes exposed to countless different chemicals, some of which don’t suit your skin well, or purposely contain heavy ingredients. Simply be mindful of what you apply to your skin, even if you’re just washing your hands or trying out some new makeup looks. Make sure to pay attention to the ingredients listed on the products and be extra cautious if your skin is too sensitive. Organic products and plant-based ingredients are undoubtedly safest and your ideal option to go for, regardless of your skin type, as they are well researched and determined to be harmless.

A lot of the beauty products, though trending and respectable, might not be cruelty free. While this might not seem like a big deal to non-vegan readers, here’s why it should matter to all of us: focus on sustainability and respecting the world outside of ourselves is what makes brands motivated by providing value and quality, instead of just capitalizing. Any brand oriented around giving you nature-based effective value, instead of marketing driven products with possible side effects, is most definitely the safest choice for your skin, your mind, your body’s health. Our team in Calypso Aesthetics confides in our readers, giving them value we know to be the most beneficial one, respectful, loyal, and nature oriented. We wholeheartedly encourage you to practice the harmony between your body and skin, while keeping some of these tips in mind. Your body and your skin can, instead of working against your health, collaborate to turn you into the healthiest version of you, with responsible, healthy, and a sustainable lifestyle, and a daily practice of self-love.




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